Matteo Mezzetta was born in France, he lives and works in Milan.

He has always been interested in the aesthetic and semantic gap, which comes from the transposition from photography to painting, in shades of gray.

“I am looking for an original elaboration of hyper-realistic codes. Therefore, before beginning to create a painting I work on the photographic image. I develop the concept and then I create the set where the pictures will be taken.
The creative process is finalized to create an original and unique scene that is part of my artistic universe. The selected images will represent the most important cores of my imagination” .

Currently Mezzetta is working on Gravity, a series of paintings mixing the attitude of classic still life works, where precious inflatable sculptures convey the idea of ephemeral beauty, with a research that reveal a futuristic vision linked to spatial aesthetics.

b. 1971 
Lives and works in Milan, IT

Main exhibition

Luce di interni, Galleria Forni, Bologna, Italy

From elsewhere - by means of photography, curated by Giulia Ferrando, Galleria P46 @Wantstudio, Milan, Italy (press release pdf)
Réunion, Wantstudio, Milan, Italy

Virtuality Ladder, curated by Maria Dolores Cattaneo, Studio d’arte SL, Palazzo delle Stelline, Milan, Italy

We Love Sleep, curated by Simona Bartolena and Cesare Casiraghi, Galleria Santa Radegonda, Milan, Italy
At First, Idea4mi, Milan, Italy

Panoramas, Galleria Cristina Busi , Chiavari, Italy
Award Mostra del Tigullio, First Prize, Società Economica, Chiavari, Italy
Noir & Blanc, Galerie Pikinasso, Roanne, France

Bianco/Nero, Galleria Cristina Busi, Chiavari, Italy
L'eXpo, Galerie Pikinasso, Roanne, France
Sometime, Clandestino, Dronero, Italy
Exhibition group, Galerie Pikinasso, Roanne, France
Nadsat, Gallerie d'Arte Contemporanea di Palazzo Ducale, Pavullo, Italy

Into the wild, Winarts, Milano, Italy
Daysvsnight, Spazio 8, Milano, Italy

Noise, Archilogo, Concorezzo, Italy

Work in progress, Arscenica, Sassuolo, Italy
Visioni contemporanee del paesaggio urbano, Opera Arte e Arti, Matera, Italy

Solo, Artclub Gallery, Paris, France
Incontri, Spazioarte, Napoli, Italy

Award Profilo d'Arte, First prize, Banca Profilo, Milano, Italy
Inpienosole, Galleria Il Segno, Brindisi, Italy

Giungle esistenziali, Galleria 1380, Milano, Italy
Exhibition group, Galleria Il Segno, Brindisi, Italy

Matteo Mezzetta, Galerie Pikinasso, Roanne, France
Exhibition group, Artgallery de la Rivoire, Bourgoin-Jallieu, France

Exhibition group, Galerie Pikinasso, Roanne, France

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